Make money while travelling

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Written by: Nadia

First of all, we are not going to trick you on this post. We are not going to tell you that anybody can do anything, that if you write a novel you’ll make a lot of fast money and that you’ll be able to travel the world from one luxury hotel to another and that travelling and making money is simple. If that’s what you expect, stop reading.

What we are actually telling you is how we manage to make money while travelling, how we combine our jobs with our desire of travelling and how we discover the world together without being forced to sleep on the streets.

We made a REAL list of jobs and activities that will allow you to travel the world and make some money at the same time. But please, have in mind that this list is only valid if you have professional training or real experience for each job we propose. Don’t underestimate professional workers by saying you can do anything without any kind of training. I’ve seen already many blogs that say: “become a translator and make some extra money” or “make money by writing a novel”. Don’t believe a word, it’s not that simple, I swear.

But if you have some training or professional experience for the jobs we’ve listed, maybe you’ll be able to make your dream come true. Just try it! Let’s go:

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The Northern Lights at Tromsø, Norway

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Written by: Nadia

We are a winter couple, we love cold, snow, ice… And one of our biggest dreams had always been seeing the Northern Lights. Luckily, we were able to make our dream come true in 2013 and the view of the Green Lady will remain forever in our memory.

But that trip was special for a million reasons because we made many activities, like dog sledging or exploring the sami culture, including a delicious traditional dinner that felt like heaven.

In this post we’ll tell you where and how we saw the aurora, the activities we practiced and everything we found out about this little polar paradise, including a 132 PAGES TRAVEL GIDE FOR FREE where you can find all the winter activities and the schedule for each one and information about many local attractions. Ready to travel to the ice land? Let’s go!

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Travel guide: Antwerpen

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Written by: Rodri

As promised, here you have our Antwerpen travel guide. It’s perfect to plan a short break to this wonderful city. You can include it on your trip around Belgium and your itinerary will be top.

By reading this post, you will discover many interesting spots around Antwerpen and the best places to eat good food for a good price. We’ll also show you how to move around the city and the best places to stay. Ready? Here we go.

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Antwerpen: A city to fall in love with

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Written by: Nadia

There are two cities that stole my heart. One of them is New York City and the other one is Antwerpen. They are very different and my feelings for each one of them is also different. Antwerpen is just like that ex you still have feelings for and New York is more like a platonic love, or like they say nowadays, a crush. I guess that’s because I’ve lived in Antwerpen for two wonderful years and it’s now in my past and my time in New York lasted for only one month, although I’ll love to spend a few years there too.

I will tell you my everlasting love story with New York later, because this post is fully dedicated to Antwerpen and it’s quite personal. I’m going tell you why I’ve fell in love with it, with its people and why it is so special for me.

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