Egypt travel guide: Itinerary, tips and budget

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Written by: Nadia

We dreamt about going to Egypt all our lives. In fact, we were about to go in 2013, but a few days before our trip, the social conflict arose in the country so we had to cancel. Then, in 2018, we saw a few of you were going to Egypt, so we decided to plan our trip. This is how we did it. In this post we will answer the most common questions about planning a trip to Egypt, we will give you some tips and we’ll discover our detailed budget. Ready? Let’s go!

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Azores: dentro del cráter de un volcán

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Escrita por: Rodri

Suena raro, lo sé, pero la verdad es que llegamos a las Azores de casualidad, sin planearlo. Íbamos a otro sitio, no volábamos en esa dirección, ni siquiera pretendíamos llegar al mismo continente… pero aterrizamos en la isla de Terceira y caímos rendidos a sus encantos. ¿Quieres saber qué pasó?

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Azores: inside the volcanic crater

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Written by: Rodri

It may sound strange, but we ended up in Azores by chance, it was not a planned trip. We were going somewhere else, we didn’t even fly on that direction, we didn’t even plan to go to that same continent… But we landed at Terceira island and we surrendered to its charm. Do you want to know what happened?

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