Antwerpen: A city to fall in love with

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Written by: Nadia

There are two cities that stole my heart. One of them is New York City and the other one is Antwerpen. They are very different and my feelings for each one of them is also different. Antwerpen is just like that ex you still have feelings for and New York is more like a platonic love, or like they say nowadays, a crush. I guess that’s because I’ve lived in Antwerpen for two wonderful years and it’s now in my past and my time in New York lasted for only one month, although I’ll love to spend a few years there too.

I will tell you my everlasting love story with New York later, because this post is fully dedicated to Antwerpen and it’s quite personal. I’m going tell you why I’ve fell in love with it, with its people and why it is so special for me.

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