The Northern Lights at Tromsø, Norway

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Written by: Nadia

We are a winter couple, we love cold, snow, ice… And one of our biggest dreams had always been seeing the Northern Lights. Luckily, we were able to make our dream come true in 2013 and the view of the Green Lady will remain forever in our memory.

But that trip was special for a million reasons because we made many activities, like dog sledging or exploring the sami culture, including a delicious traditional dinner that felt like heaven.

In this post we’ll tell you where and how we saw the aurora, the activities we practiced and everything we found out about this little polar paradise, including a 132 PAGES TRAVEL GIDE FOR FREE where you can find all the winter activities and the schedule for each one and information about many local attractions. Ready to travel to the ice land? Let’s go!

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